Alicante, Spain (1982), Based in Barcelona.

Raised nearby the sea and surrounded by palm trees, her interest in the local culture and the identifying elements of the bliss was strengthened over the years. 

Throughout her life, Debra has always felt that it was easier to communicate through images. After a brief stint at Fine Arts, she entered the Scenography Specialty at the Institut del Teatre, from which she graduated in 2007.

After a few years working in the alternative scene in Barcelona, she decided to return to illustration and painting. 

In 2010 she finished her MA in Urban Arts at the University of Barcelona.

Since then she has been part of the international collective Microgalleries, a collective focused on urban art as a catalyst for social and political art, where she has worked as a mentor and illustrator.

Exhibited in various group exhibitions and painted murals in London, Bogota, Bologna, Munich and Barcelona, participating in street art festivals such as: Valvules & Ritmes, Bloomart Festival, Cheap Festival, Hands off the Wall Festival, Monar’T.


Monar’T, mural project and exhibition – Girona, Spain

Collaboration at the “Wall of fame” for Gambino Hotel Werksviertel – Munich, Germany

Hands off the wall, mural project – Munich, Germany

Mural Project Iberia, Parc de la Bederrida – Barcelona, Spain

Erostreet Festival, exhibition at MEAM Museum – Barcelona, Spain

Illustration for 2021-2022 Ifses Educación merchandising – Madrid, Spain




2046 a Microgalleries Worldwide Festival, Can Batlló, videoart exhibition – Barcelona, Spain

Valvulas & Ritmos Festival, mural project – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

Illustration for 2019-2020 IESA CPD Institut del Teatre merchandising – Barcelona, Spain


Más al/la de lo humano, Espai Hybris, exhibition – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

Día de los muertos at Redbridge Central Library, exhibition – London, UK

Art of Activism at The Printspace Gallery, exhibition – London, UK

Cheap Festival, exhibition – Bologna, Italy

Bloomart Fest, live painting – Barcelona, Spain

Festival Alacant Desperta, mural project – Alicante, Spain

Illustration for 2018-2019 IESA CPD Institut del Teatre merchandising – Barcelona Spain


Aoterotica Vol V, editorial Illustration – New Zeland

Urban Art Brixton Fair, exhibition – London, UK

Global Street Art at Finsbury Park, mural project – London, UK

30 Artists at Atelier de Pilar Güell, exhibition – Barcelona Spain

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