Orchid #3 photography, Surviving Orchids Project


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Orchids is a personal project that aims to become an open and collective claim.

Wild orchids have been chosen as an emblem of survival and struggle against adversity, facing the problems we encounter daily, and those moments of our lives, which we do not choose, that shape us, destroy us, and that for better or worse define us.

Orchids are amazing flowers, capable of growing in the most inhospitable places, in adverse situations.
The women photographed in this project under the strictest anonymity, show their bodies without filters, their visible or invisible scars are what define them. This collection, represents women of different ages, social strata, personal situations, all diferent, all unique.

A series of wild orchids have been chosen to represent each of them individually.

These orchids have been abstracted to a drawing on their bare skin, tattoed with bondage tape.

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Fine Art C-Type on Metallic. 361.00mm x 501.00mm, Limited Edition of 30


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